List Contents Of Directory In Java

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In today’s post you will learn list contents of directory in java.

The easiest way of doing is using the class File which offers list() method which in turn returns String-array. Here i’m using string array files to hold all the names of contents in directory. Let’s see code implementation,

example: List Contents Of Directory In Java

List Contents Of Directory In Java

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public class List_Contents_Of_Directory_In_Java {

public static void main(String[] args) {

File fl = new File("A://Workspace");
String files[] = fl.list();
System.out.println("List of Contents of " + fl.getPath());
for(int x = 0;x < files.length;x++)


List of Contents of A:\Workspace

For example i’m listing all the files in the A drive using java code. Further i have created List_Contents_Of_Directory_In_Java class. First we have to create file object ‘fl’ to a new file and inside the braces we have to mention path. In the next step we want to print all the files of the A drive. To do this we have a method in java called fl.list(),

String files[] = fl.list();

fl.list() will return a string array. Now we will loop through all these string array to get the names of files located in A drive. So i have written a for loop which will print all the above files.

So this is how we list all the files in a particular folder using java code.

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