Installing Intellij IDEA for Windows

Let’s learn Installing Intellij IDEA for Windows 10.

Installing Intellij IDEA for Windows

An Intellij IDEA is an IDE or Integrated Development Development tool that we use to write programs. Integrated Development Development compiles and runs programs.

IntelliJ IDEA IDE is created by company called JetBrains. In this post, we’re going to download the latest version from the JetBrains website.

Installing Intellij IDEA for Windows

Go to JetBrains website. Click Developer Tools, you get a drop down. You can see they have variety of products in that click IntelliJ IDEA. Click on download.

Installing Intellij IDEA for Windows

You can see here to the right there is a Community edition. That’s the one we are going to download. The Ultimate edition has extra features with some cost, you will have to pay for it.

Now click Download button as shown above. So leave it to download, you can see it downloading, in the bottom left hand corner of your screen.

That’s been downloaded click on Open file. Next in the pop-up window Do you want to allow this app to make changes to your device? Click Yes.

Click Next in Welcome to IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition Setup window. Then leave the Destination Folder as it is and click on next.

On next screen for installation options, first we need to know whether we are running a 64 bit or 32 bit version of Windows.

Install in windows 10 64-bit

To get to know about your PC is running in 64 bit or 32 bit version of Windows. Go to Type here to search (bottom left corner) in your Windows PC and type About your PC.

In the pop-up window in Device Specifications – System type. If it is 64 bit operating system, as mine, then you have a 64 bit version of Windows. Otherwise your’s is a 32 bit version of Windows.

This step is important as we go to our installer screen. Remember which version you are running. Meanwhile ignore x64-based processor.

Coming back to our installer screen, tick suitable launcher for your system, in Create Desktop Shortcut section and leave everything un-ticked in Installation Options – Configure your IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition Installation. Remaining other options aren’t essential.

Click on Next and then click on install. IntelliJ will now install and will take few moments. Once it’s installed, tick the box Run IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition and click Finish.

Finally you will see pop up on Standard JetBrains Privacy Policy Agreement. Click on tick box which reads I confirm that I have read and accept the terms of this User Agreement. Click on continue. In Data Sharing pop up click Don’t Send.

Installing Intellij IDEA for Windows

Here’s the welcome screen. You may see welcome screen which may be different to the earlier versions of IntelliJ IDEA.

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