Learn The Big And Small Tags In Html

Hey guys!! Welcome to flower brackets blog. In this post we are going to learn the big and small tags in html.

Today we will explore some tags in html. The big and small tags in html you know which people rarely ever use because there are other ways of achieving what you normally achieve with these tags.

But then there are also some websites that use these tags extensively. So if you ever bump into any of those websites and you should know what these tags are.

They just you know result into a very simple effect. So the “big” tag lets you have some text with a greater font size than the rest of the text that you have in your paragraph.

And it just raises the font size by one.

Example : learn the big and small tags in html

Let’s see code implementation,

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Learn The Big And Small Tags In Html</title>
<p><h1>Here's the <big>BIG</big> html tag.</h1></p>
<p><h1>Here's the <small>small</small> html tag.</h1></p> </body>

I have two paragraphs in the body section of my code editor here and both the paragraphs have “h1” headings and some text between those headings.

So i have two texts one “Here’s the big text” and other “Here’s the small text”.

You know the word “big” in the sentence “Here’s the big text” has been enclosed between opening “big” tag and the closing “big” tag.

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Then i have the text “Here’s the small text” with the word “small” enclosed between “small” tag and the closing small tag and small tag works in the opposite way whereas the big tag would raise the level of text by one.

The small tag would decrease the level of text by one and reason why i have these as headings and not just normal paragraph text is because i want these effects to kind of be prominent so that it would be easier for us to make out how these tags work.

Now i’ll show you how this file looks in browser,

Learn The Big And Small Tags In Html

When we take a look at it we see that “Here’s the” and “html tag” in the first paragraph have the same font size.

Whereas the word “big” is slightly bigger. It’s one size greater and in the second sentence on the other hand we have the words “Here’s the” and “small tag” with the same font size and the word small is slightly smaller than the other two words.


This is about big and small tags in html and I hope you guys had wonderful time learning these html tags.

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