Learn The Emphasize And Strong Tags In Html

Hello guys!! Welcome to flower brackets blog. In this post we will learn the emphasize and strong tags in html.

Let’s get onto the topic.

Example : learn the emphasize and strong tags in html

I have the below code in code editor,

<!DOCTYPE html>
<title>Learn The Emphasize And Strong Tags In Html</title> </head>
<p>This is an <em>emphasized text.</em></p>
<p>This is a <strong>strong text.</strong></p>

In the body section as you can see above i have two paragraphs and then i have the “em” tag in the first paragraph and as well as i have the strong tag in the second paragraph.

The emphasize tag or the “em” tag in html just causes the text on which it is applied to be in you know italics.

So it just italicizes text whereas a strong tag just makes text bold.

Now you know if you guys want to know why one would want to use these tags and not the bold that is the “<b>” or the “<i>” tag i don’t have an answer to that.

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You know someone thought that these are tags that are important so they were including the html standard and they’re also very popular.

We would see lot of developers discouraging people use these tags now because they are deprecated.

No one uses them now but you know they were popular at one point of time and that’s why you would see them alot.

If you would check out code behind pages of websites on the internet.

This is how the file would look in google chrome,

Learn The Emphasize And Strong Tags In Html

The word emphasized in the first paragraph is italicized and the word strong in the second paragraph is in bold.

So i did not use headings for these because if i would have used heading for the second paragraph then the bold effect of the strong tag would have kind of you know been taken care of by the heading tag and i didn’t want that.


Well, that’s it about the emphasized and the strong tags and I hope you guys have understood the concept.

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