String literal in java

Let’s learn string literal in java.

String literal in java

String literal is a sequence of unicode characters like numbers, symbols and letters.

String str = “#15, 86d street, Brooklyn”;

These characters are enclosed between double quotation mark. Javac compiler converts all string literal characters into unicode code points.

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We can use escape sequence like this,

\n – newline

\t – inserting tab

\b – backspace

\r – carriage return

\’ – single quotation mark

\\ – backslash

\” – double quotation mark

\f – form feed

\d – octal

\xd – hexadecimal

\ud – Unicode character

Now let’s a java program on string literals,

// java string literals
public class StringLiteralDemo 
   public static void main(String[] args) 
      String str = "Hello World Java";
      String name = "ViratKohli";
      String message = "Hey Sachin, \"How are you?\"";
      System.out.println("Hii, \n Welcome to flower brackets blog\n");
      String welcome = "Earn while you sleep\u2122";


Hello World Java
Hey Sachin, “How are you?”
Welcome to flower brackets blog

Earn while you sleep™